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A one-of-a-kind pet game that works as a Chrome browser extension, MetaPals allows you to interact and grow digital pets directly from your computer screen. Inspired by the Tamagotchi, we designed MetaPals to have unique personalities, such that each MetaPal takes time to learn, grow, and develop good (or bad!) behaviors, just like a real pet! Take on the responsibility and discipline needed to be an ah-mazing paw-rent, and you’ll have the cutest, most loyal virtual companions to keep you motivated throughout your day.

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Virtual companions that love to grow, and you'll grow to love.

Think of the strong, emotional bonds that we form with our pets; the care, companionship, and sense of responsibility that they give us. What if we could create the same level of affection in the virtual world too? That's right: we're building just that. genuine emotion, unique personalities, and adaptive behaviours.

Digital pets that emote, love, and play just like real pets. Digital pets that we'd love like we do real pets.


Proof-of-Care Model

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Our Proof-of-Care Model

Each MetaPal has a unique set of metadata personality traits that are expressed through its behavior and emotions.

All interactions - from feeding to equipping accessories - are accounted for and recorded on the MetaPal Care Index. This is a metric to determine how well you take care of your MetaPal, which in turn affects its ability to create our in-game currency Dark Matter.

Bridging the 
gap between
web 2.0 and 3.0

Always been curious about the metaverse but never knew how to start learning?

Your MetaPal will also be your constant companion to help you embark on this grand adventure, guiding you to understand all that the metaverse has to offer beyond the gaming experience.

Your MetaPal is waiting for you!

Download MetaPal Kennel from the Chrome Store to get started.

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